Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I'm thinking of dropping my Safaricom Advantage postpaid line.When i got in 2 years ago.Safcom Advantage was cheap @sh.10 per min.(before taxes to call another Safaricom line).Approx. Sh.12.60 after taxes.Dont try to call CElTEL or a landline.The bill can hit sh. 40 a minute after taxes.

Today CEltel has an innovative line of postpaid packages that enable you to fix your monthly usage and Calls to other Networks as low as Sh.16( a minute after taxes).

On Saasa tariff, Safaricom to Safaricom calls are charged as low as sh.8 a minute.While am calling a Safcom line at sh.12.60 on the tariff thats euphemistically dubbed 'ADVANTAGE'.
Then, i have to top up KSH20,000 for roaming but some post-paid subscribers on Safaricom roam for free-just a scratchcard and they r chatting,while out of the country.

Safaricom should do something for the Post-paid subcriber.We pay higher rates than post-paid subscribers/I thought it was the other way round.Coz am such a good client(thats why they let me call & pay later), i ought to get better rates than pre-paid.
If nothing happens Tarriff-wise by the end of March ,i'm moving to CELTEL.

PS. i'm on a break till end- of the month.Your weekly dose of my analysis and thoughts will be back at end-month.