Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I'm thinking of dropping my Safaricom Advantage postpaid line.When i got in 2 years ago.Safcom Advantage was cheap @sh.10 per min.(before taxes to call another Safaricom line).Approx. Sh.12.60 after taxes.Dont try to call CElTEL or a landline.The bill can hit sh. 40 a minute after taxes.

Today CEltel has an innovative line of postpaid packages that enable you to fix your monthly usage and Calls to other Networks as low as Sh.16( a minute after taxes).

On Saasa tariff, Safaricom to Safaricom calls are charged as low as sh.8 a minute.While am calling a Safcom line at sh.12.60 on the tariff thats euphemistically dubbed 'ADVANTAGE'.
Then, i have to top up KSH20,000 for roaming but some post-paid subscribers on Safaricom roam for free-just a scratchcard and they r chatting,while out of the country.

Safaricom should do something for the Post-paid subcriber.We pay higher rates than post-paid subscribers/I thought it was the other way round.Coz am such a good client(thats why they let me call & pay later), i ought to get better rates than pre-paid.
If nothing happens Tarriff-wise by the end of March ,i'm moving to CELTEL.

PS. i'm on a break till end- of the month.Your weekly dose of my analysis and thoughts will be back at end-month.


bankelele said...

Safaricom networks have started getting logged again during the daytime

Wait till month end (popular Saasa expires on Mar 31) to decide by which time Safaricom will have to decide on how to keep customers from fleeing to cheaper Celtel

Jakarumba said...

I moved to Saasa, and will migrate back on 31st March. The rate of KLsh. 8 was just a temporary measure to fight back Celtel's Umoja kwa Jamii.

Pesa Tu,Pasaka njema!!

pesa tu said...

@bankelele:Will hold on till end of March
@:jakarumba: Happy Easter to you too

mwasjd said...

Good move to hold till march, word on the street is that the Safaricom CEO said during a visit to Moi University that at the end of this month, tariffs will significantly come down and thoroughly shake up the market.
But the quality esp in CBD has been pathetic.

Enjoy your break, had mine for 24 days, absolutely fantastic.