Sunday, October 29, 2006

NSE 5000
The NSE breached the 5000 mark this week.How far does everyone think it wil go before it falls?
My take? At least 5500 before it corrects.
The Bull factors are still there.Click here to read about them.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Automated Trading on the Nairobi Stock Exchange

Is it true that the new trading system only deals in lots of 100 shares.Hence, trading of shares in lots like 235,105 is difficult and expensive.
But in multiples of 100 easy.e.g. 2000,5000....etc

Anybody out there who can tell me more?

Jubilee Holdings is likely to be a candidate for a share split /bonus.

Rationale: It has only 36 million issued shares yet it is cross listed .Remember sister company
TPSEA has 89,865,588 issued shares, ICDCI has 54,995,188 issued shares ,yet it has announced a share split.

Last bonus was 10 years ago on its 60th anniversary.Earnings cover higher than where it was the last time they had a bonus.Click
here for more details.At the same time Jubilee is cross-listed, hence it needs more shares to enable trading.

NOTE. i own a number of shares in Jubilee Holdings