Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I called Barclaycard to enquire about an online transaction. The Customer care staff informed me that Barclaycard(in Kenya) only allows online(internet) transactions upto US$300(without contacting cardholder). Above$300 the Cardholder must be contacted for authorisation.

So theoretically your risk for any online fraud is capped at $ 300. NOTE: I said theoretically because REAL LIFE EVENTS DIFFER from the best laid plans.


Instigator said...

$300 is alot of money to lose at one go!Lets hope you never lose your card!

pesa tu said...

Hope so too. thx for passing by

propaganda said...

My first online transaction was $2 to PayPal. Nobody called. Then $37 dollars to I got a call to confirm (!). Two months later, I blew almost all my credit on They called, missed me, and SMSed. I confirmed by SMS. So it goes.