Monday, April 24, 2006

Just watched Lord of War starring Nicholas Cage. Its about an arms dealer Yuri Orlov(Nicholas Cage) and his business around the world. Especially Liberia and Sierra Leone.The bad guy is loosely based on Charles Taylor. Good movie but has lots of the usual stereotypes about Africans: AIDS, ignorance, theft.......etc.


The Devious One said...

I liked the movie...dont think it really stereotyped any category because thats what really happpens.

Thx for passing by my blog !

pesa tu said...

Thx for coming by.True most of it happens.The gold plated AK-47s in the movies r picked from the fact that Gaddafi likes giving fellow dictators Gold -plated AKs as gifts.
But the part of us(Africans) stripping an Antonov plane to its frame-just too much.

POTASH said...

mhhh..just passing by

VItuVingiSana said...

Pesa tu:

"He said most of the trucks had been vandalised by the attackers, leaving behind only the empty body structures."

pesa tu said...

VItuVingiSana: Right, was wrong the 'strippers' actually exist.