Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jubilee Holdings is likely to be a candidate for a share split /bonus.

Rationale: It has only 36 million issued shares yet it is cross listed .Remember sister company
TPSEA has 89,865,588 issued shares, ICDCI has 54,995,188 issued shares ,yet it has announced a share split.

Last bonus was 10 years ago on its 60th anniversary.Earnings cover higher than where it was the last time they had a bonus.Click
here for more details.At the same time Jubilee is cross-listed, hence it needs more shares to enable trading.

NOTE. i own a number of shares in Jubilee Holdings

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gathinga said...

hear the same rumour some time back. bu that was in 2005 i kinda gave up when it didnt materialise. but looking at the number of shares as you have, looks like it should definately split... and they have accumulated goods reserves to be able to give bonus shares