Sunday, October 29, 2006

NSE 5000
The NSE breached the 5000 mark this week.How far does everyone think it wil go before it falls?
My take? At least 5500 before it corrects.
The Bull factors are still there.Click here to read about them.


Klara said...

Ok! Am not afun of the stockmarket let alone fun to be sincere that's one area I have never understood..
Well, this blog's name pulled me, u know Pesa tu..Sounds mmmhhh
Great Blog

Anonymous said...

Well it was 5300 yesterday and we are yet to get the mumias sale. mumias is part of the NSE index these days. what do you now predict?

mwasjd said...

Maybe coz of Everedy IPO, there will be some sort of sell off so that will cool things off by the end of the month.
But with other IPOs down the line, signs of a bubble burst are hard to find.

Any ideas as to why Sameer share price went skywards? I don't think fundamentals played a part in it coz their profit figures were bad...

pesa tu said...

@klara:Thanks Klara for dropping by
...hope u get the pun on the name.Here's a clue word-'pekee'

pesa tu said...

@Odegle: I predict(sorry am not a prophet),I think the market will still go higher because the factors supporting it are still there i.e. interest Rates, Inflation+demand for shares.

I say NSE 6000 in April when banks announce end year results.

pesa tu said...

@Mwasjd: I'll do a blog on a new psychological factor that's driving the NSE by end week.

No ideas on Sameer price rise.