Thursday, May 24, 2007

Adventures of Nyangi
For the first time we have a kenyan video game.An enterprising Kenyan called Wesley and the rest of his team at Gwimgrafx Studios are the developers.I havent played it(My comp doesnt have 512MB RAM) but i saw it at Nu-Metro media store(The Junction).It retails at less than Ksh900.Compared to other PC Games in the Ksh3000-Ksh9000 range.
Buy it online here

He was also featured on Enterprise Kenya on KTN on 22ndMay.

I wish Wesley would do it in PS2(Playstation 2) format.Lots of Kenyans have Playstation consoles.A PS2 disc at sh.300 would have wider distribution.

It can now offer VOIP calls via wi-fi.I'm curious , would it work in Nairobi via KDN's butterfly network?
Kenyan Pundit says that the network is free for now(havent tried it)

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