Thursday, May 24, 2007

When i was away i caught up on a couple of books and DVDs(that i promised i would recommend).I would recommend them any time.The books can be found at, Book Point and Books First.Check prices at BookPoint and Bookfirst-Nakumatt before you order on AMAZON.But some books can only be found on AMAZON.Nu Metro has a weird book collection thats why it isn't here.

1.Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffett and George Soros
Can be found at Amazon.These two guys are self-made billionaires-started with nothing and ended up US$1Billion plus.The advice boils down to this; Focus on what you are good at.Whatever you make live below your means.

2.Walking in Kenyatta Struggles
Interesting biography from the first black Governor at the Central Bank of Kenya-Duncan Ndegwa.The Ndegwa Commission of the 1970s that allowed civil servants to engage in private business, also recommended the setting up of the office of the Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman would receive complaints from the public about Civil servants.Civil Servants would also have to declare conflicts of interest.Imagine if these measures were implemented in the 70s, half the scams we've had would never have occurred.


The biography of John D Rockefeller Sr- the richest man to have ever lived.He was richer than Bill Gates even after factoring in inflation to equate the US$ then and now.
For all his wealth he had all the usual problems we all have ungrateful relatives,disappointing children and malicious rumor mongers.
This is one of the best biographies i have ever read.

1.MOBUTU-Le Roi du Zaire

Interesting documentary film capturing Mobutu's rise stay and eventual fall from power.His family ,opponents and friends are all here.
No actors just interviews and newsreels of Mobutu , Zaire and the world leaders of the time.The transformation from an idealistic young man to an old tired dictator is fascinating.

2. 24

Jack Bauer always seems to keep going and coming back just like the Energizer bunny.

3.Hustle-TV series
A group of lovable con artists.They pull DECI-like scams on their victims.Every episode is thrilling the plot leads the viewers down one path as Mickey and his pals lead the 'victim' down another.
Mickey is played in the first 2-3? seasons by that guy who was Joan's boyfriend(Brock) on girlfriends.
I think those guys who ask others to 'plant' a seed and quote some obscure bible verses, use it as a training video.

Couch Potato does great reviews on new and old favorites on TV and the big screen


mmnjug said...

What a collection of books. That one on Rockfeller is a must read. Titan.

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MainaT said...

Pesa-Tu, uko sawa? U seem to have gone awol from the blogworld.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Nice stuff. I found a cool news widget for our blogs at Now I can show the latest news on my blog. Worked like a breeze.

Anonymous said...

Where are you pal?

Anonymous said...

You ok buddy? Kinda miss you.

pesa tu said...

@mmnjug: Agreed
@mainaT: Pole am back
@Anon: U can say Phew am back ,pole for worrying u.