Sunday, May 06, 2007

KQ 507
Condolences to all the family members and friends of the crew and passengers of flight KQ507.


Anonymous said...

Its a very sad time for family and friends and generally everyone...My condolences to all. But do u know whats the most ANNOYING thing, A plane goes missing and the F***ng Cameroon govt. wankers don't send a search team immediately-they waited till 6am - this is SICK. We will never know how many people would have been saved if help was dispatched immediately.

J K said...

This is a big tragedy and my feelings go to all the affected families, relatives and friends. KQ seems to have a jinx on this West African route. I wonder what extent of a beating the stock will take at the NSE

pesa tu said...

@Anon:The cameroonians DONT seem to have the skills or facilities to deal with a large scale disaster.

@JK:KQ was on track to release not so great results at its year end.BUT i dont think this accident will affect the stock.The aircraft and passengers+crew are fully insured.