Saturday, January 19, 2008

January's almost over,here are my belated observations on who,what and how 2008 will turnout. People The following individual will make the headlines:

Muthoni Wanyeki

She has come a long way from her FEMNET- gender activism days.She's just about to become a national face.I must admit back then i thought she was one of these overeducated Kenyans who tend to give overly complicated solutions.Time has proved me wrong.

Muthoni offers a fresh and sometimes unconventional way of analysing our collective problems as a nation and sugesting/implementing new solutions.
For more about her bio await the Sunday Nation featurette.

Mutahi Ngunyi

Kenya's best political analyst.He has a fine grasp of the tactical and strategic political landscape.Uncannily accurate predictions that are sometimes years ahead of his peers(who specialise in pathetic,bombastic TV soundbites) He ought to have a blog. In 2008 Kenyans will pay more attention to his analysis given the current political climate.

Musalia Mudavadi

The perfect compromise candidate.In the struggle for a new political order,expect him to be nominated for some post.

Cyrus Jirongo
Political survivor,you haven't heard the last of him.Expect him to challenge Musalia for their tribal leadership position.


Chinese car companies
All those Greatwall car brands wil push to be more recognisablea and be better known in the Kenyan market. Unfortunately, most of these cars are clones of better known models like Isuzu and Toyota

Forex Trading Companies
Royal, Genius and similar outfits are offering training on how to trade forex.They claim that the training will enable you to make huge profits from trading forex.The truth is that if it were that easy to trade`forex and make money, then Banks wouldn't spend money hiring forex traders(Treasury dealers) from each other.
They would just spend Ksh 30,000 or Ksh 75,000 train one of their tellers and voila make huge profits through him.
This year the 'investors' may probably realise how 'useful' the training is.

A small proportion of the people taking the courses will make money.The vast majority 95% plus ,will never make money.

My advice- 'A fool and his money are soon parted'.


Police Reservists
I expect them to make a return.The current political crisis is going to increase the levels of insecurity.To maintain security, the civillian populace in an area must be involved.Police reservists are one way of doing it.The reservists are members of the community who are trained and armed in order to assist in maintenace of law and order in an area.


MainaT said...

Agree that maybe Moses' son may do something lakini can he overcome his fearful nature?

Ssembonge said...

Who is Muthoni Wanyeki? is she the one who wrote some safcom article? I don't think I've heard of her.

It looks like we'll be 'eating' Kenyan politics for a long time.

Talking about money, have you noticed that the people who were dabbling pyramids are now flocking to the forex trading?

Some people never learn. Or has NCC put something in the tap water?

pesa tu said...

@mainat: U cant teach an old dog new tricks

@:ssembonge:Muthoni Wanyeki is one of the pioneer feminist Activists in Kenya.She 's one of the people who started the call for women rights.she was (i still think) with FEMNET an NGO that dabbles in Female rights advocacy.

'A sucker is born every minute' or something to that effect.

Fedha said...

Those Genius guys are enterprising indeed but I wonder what their level of technical expertise is...i mean to teach something, one ought to be presumably a pundit which i think is not the case with these fellas. The forex market is the largest in the world and trades almost 24hours so there's a ton of money to be made (ask George Soros)however, like you mentioned, 95% of entrants into this new field in Kenya will loose the shirts off their backs and more.

Tread with caution!